Ian David Long was a TERRORIST. Say it!

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Ian David Long was NOT a "lone wolf" ex-veteran who dance danced revolution his feelings of dejection away in his garage. Ian David Long was yet another WHITE TERRORIST and I need you to say it!

I am bored to tears of the fixed, “gentle-giant” narrative the media keeps putting in place to safeguard the reputation of white supremacists, nationalists and terrorists . It lacks creativity and is a mockery to the lives of those who suffer the injuries, loss of life, and otherwise mental trauma these cowards leave us to endure.

When gunman Stephen Paddick of the Las Vegas shooting discharged his weapons on 22,000 innocent concert-goers; killing 58 people and injuring more than 500, the chief of police and the media wasted no time in calling him a “lone wolf.” When Dylan Roof robbed 9 prayerful lives inside of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church down in Charleston, South Carolina, there to his rescue came white America to gently brush stroke the painting of a socially awkward and disconnected kid who spent most of his time doing research online. When Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza committed the unthinkable atrocity of opening gun fire on elementary school children and teachers, reporters said of him that he was “mentally ill” and had been “left untreated in the years before the shooting.” Medical experts described him as a “deeply troubled kid who was disconnected not just from other people but his own body.”

Isn’t it fascinating how sympathetic we have become to mass murderers? When whites commit terrorist attacks, we do not call it terrorism, we do not mention his race/color in the headlines, we do not assume that he was gang affiliated or abused substances, and we most certainly don’t go on a Facebook witch hunt in search of pictures that reinforce images of a delinquent. Oh no! That kind of special treatment is reserved for “coloreds only.” Remember the time coroners ran an autopsy on the dead body of Trayvon Martin to determine if he had any substances in his body prior to his assassination, and then plastered pictures of him all over the internet wearing a hoodie in an effort to blame him for his own demise?

SN: Hoodies are acceptable attire, ONLY if you’re a member of a white supremacy hate group (KKK), otherwise it’s just "suspicious behavior" for Blacks. *sips tea*

Let's take a look at the research surrounding this ongoing issue lead by Doctoral students of The Ohio State University:

White shooters were 95% more likely to to be described as "mentally ill" than Black shooters.

Much of the media coverage of white shooters framed them as sympathetic characters who were suffering from extreme life circumstances, while Black shooters are made to seem as "dangerous" and a "menace to society".

When shooters were framed in the media as mentally ill, 78% percent of white attackers were described as being “victims of society,” or as being "under a lot of stress" compared to only 17% of Black shooters.

Several themes in articles that framed white shooters as "mentally ill" are identified. The findings revealed that in about 46% of the articles, the shooter was described in this way: a “victim of society.” He was “going through a lot” or “stressed out.” He was an “only child” or “suffered abuse as a child.” 28% of these same articles offered testimony to the attacker’s good character while another 21% outlined the tragedy as “unexpected or out of character.” And 14% attested that the assailants come from a “good home or good environment.”

(Grabmeier, 2018).

That is NEVER the case with Black or Brown criminals. Crimes committed by Black and Brown people are never the predisposition of untreated mental illnesses. Segregation, Jim Crow laws, slavery, lynchings, genocide, rape, mass incarceration, police brutality, racial profiling, the creation of ghettos and projects, and the wide distribution of drugs in poor neighborhoods have not been enough to qualify us as “victims of society.” That is privilege solely reserved for "whites only."

I need you to get into this truth so boldly and powerfully spoken by CNN news anchor Don Lemon last week. “The single greatest threat to this country”— and I would even go step a further and say the world at large, is WHITE MEN. It isn’t Blacks or Muslims and has never been. “Homegrown killers are the problem" (Lemon, 2018) and it is high time we stop demonizing other races and focus on the real problem that is white men. White fragility masked as white supremacy 100% of the time leads to white violence.

So the next time a white extremist opens fire on the next set of innocent victims, because it will happen again as proven by history. CALL. HIM. BY. HIS. NAME....A TERRORIST!


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