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Today is one of the most anticipated days in America.

Today is the Super Bowl, a real American tradition and one that our nation takes quite seriously.

Today two NFL football teams will go head-to-head, but only one will be crowned Champions in the end with the high hopes of getting “flewed out” to enjoy a presidential meal of quarter-pounders and McNuggets.

Today, many will gamble the plight of Black people (even in our communities) to make a quick buck, and/or satisfy their self-served need to stay entertained. Today, many of us will have conveniently put down the burden of what it means to be Black in America to give a pass to systemic oppression in the name of our love for the game of football and tradition.

Today, those who stand with Colin Kaepernick are committed to taking action by using their platform to bring awareness, while those who have been staging their concern all along are exposed. You cannot in good conscience commit to being a faithful viewer or remain a season-pass holder of the NFL, while at the same time, pretending to lend your support to Kaepernick who has suffered great loss, degradation, and rejection by the same organization.

In the famous words of Albert Einstein:

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” In other words, your silence is complicity with the oppressor. Your composure in the manner, ambivalence, and false virtue contribute to our exploitation and domination as people.

When our ancestors sent word of boycotting bus lines, ALL of us stopped riding buses until our demands were met. I wonder why that concept is so foreign now? When Colin Kaepernick took a knee in the NFL to protest systemic oppression; specifically, police brutality and racial injustice, we were to respond by kneeling with him UNTIL our requests were answered. Not for a few weeks, months, or even a few football games, but until...

In the midst of the confusion and discord that today brings, a sense of hope flickered as I kept hearing testimonials that my book “The Hero in the Helmet: Colin Kaepernick” was bringing on conviction to football lovers who had not otherwise thought of boycotting the NFL before. One reader said “As a huge sports fan, I had never thought of giving up football before this book, but this has given me something to think about.”

This, in a nut-shell, is the mission of Macnalie Books!

Today, I am challenging you to:

“Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything, just do it!

And know that in your heart God is faithful to bring you through it.”

(Joa Macnalie, Page 19 of “B is for Brotherhood”).

I am proud to pass on watching the Super Bowl #imwithkap, and as an alternative, I encourage you all to get into my book to find out the truth behind Colin Kaepernick’s movement and why we take a knee. #colinkaepernick #7challenge #takeakneeforjustice #macnaliebooks


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