Today I almost gave up.

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Kaepernick inspired costumes energized by "The Hero in the Helmet"

Today I almost gave up!

Today the roller-coaster that is entrepreneurship launched me into a frenzy of untamed emotion; with disappointment, doubt, and uncertainty leading and steering my direction.

Today I was unrecognizable, even to me.

Normally, I am the "half-glass-full" and "I'm just thankful I have a glass and water" evangelist, but was altogether different.

I woke up with the spirit of preparedness to throw in the proverbial towel and wave my tired white flag of submission.

If this is what Robert Frost was hinting at when he wrote about "taking the road less traveled," I was ready to make the sharpest of U-turns to get back on the main road.

But then...something magical happened.

Just as I let it roll off my tongue "what's the point of all this anyway?" A frustrated utterance in response to an incredible opportunity to expand my vision of Macnalie Books that overlooked me, Two strangers ( that I now have the wonderful pleasure of coming to know) thought to find and locate me on Instagram to share their love and admiration for my book "The Hero in the Helmet." So much so, that they were inspired to dress their sons as Kaepernick for Halloween.

Miss Katrina who lives in Houston, Texas works as an elementary counselor in an inner city school, where she uses my book as a teaching tool. Her son Jackson is 18-months- old and makes such a charming impression of Kaepernick for 'Book-O-Ween" at his daycare.

Jeremiah (9-years-old) attends Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys in Washington D.C. where he was challenged to not only come into school as a story-book character, but a black or brown character/person. Out of all the books that have been written, and out of all the characters that could have been chosen, he and his mother Miss Jocelyn chose "The Hero in the Helmet: Colin Kaepernick."

And that right there is the point of it all. Children statewide are being reached and the content of my book is effecting change. "The Hero in the Helmet" is meeting its goals on a daily basis: to inspire, empower, influence, and impact. And as I sit behind my computer screen and type this up from Florida where I now reside, I am blessed to witness my gift make room for me.

I can't fully answer how my book got into the hands of these two families, nor how they came to hear about it, or why they felt compelled to use it when they did, but it is a great testament to the divine. That even in my weakest moments; no scratch that, especially in my weakest moments, when I feel like I'm going through so many dry spells, ALL things are working together for my good, and the creative director of my life that I call God, is busy working behind the scenes to bring me to my wealthy place.

The only thing that could have made this experience any greater was having "The Hero in the Helmet" Colin Kaepernick himself like and re-post these pictures. Oh wait, that totally happened. Thank you #YourRightsCamp. #ImwithKap.

I may wake up tomorrow in a whirlwind of a new set of emotions, but this moment will remain knowing that I stumbled on the diverged roads of entrepreneurship and building someone else's dream. I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.


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